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Pictured Above:
      Darline has made many beautiful retro porcelain dolls.
Please text 205 253-2711 for more pictures and purchase info
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About Us

Hollie's Doll Hospital specializes in repairing and restoring your precious dolls.  We treat each "patient" with the utmost care and compassion, and we understand how important your doll is.  Recent patients include Jane, a vinyl baby doll with ball point ink stains, and Helen, a 70 year old composition baby.


At Hollie's Doll Hospital, we are expert, experienced, dedicated doll restorers. Do you have old dolls needing a face lift? Have your Mother's favorite old doll restored for her! Have your favorite doll from childhood repaired and restored to her former beauty. Let us fix your daughter's dolls that were loved until they fell apart!


We will give you a free estimate of what we can do to help your doll and what we think it will cost. Please email me at or call Hollie's Doll Hospital at    (205) 253-2711.   

           If there's no answer, PLEASE TEXT me!! 

I will have a doll repair specialist call you back ASAP. We treat all of our patients with TLC- Tender Loving Care! Hollie's Doll Hospital   studio is located in Trussville, AL., but we serve all of Alabama, and even farther away through the US Postal service.


Please visit us often. I had a cute little doll shop in Birmingham many years ago. My parents (Herschel and Ollie Cooper) started it when I was in college. They had wonderful dolls! I have a great collection of dolls from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s because of them. I inherited the doll shop, and I tried to keep a "physical" shop, but it was impossible. Now the internet is the best way for me to reach customers, even worldwide!

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